Wait & Load is perfect if you don’t have the space for a skip

No Space? Wait & Load is for you!

We also provide a wait and load service plan whereby our driver will provide the skip and stay with it whilst you load your objects. In this way, you do not need to have dedicated space or room for the skip simply because it doesn’t leave the truck and is taken away straight away. It also saves you the hassle of obtaining a permit which costs approximately £65. However, additional costs may begin accumulating following sixty minutes of waiting. The service is ideal if you’re ready and available to fill the skip. Within just sixty minutes your waste materials or rubbish is removed without having to have a skip on the highway or driveway.

Some of the best prices on skip hire, all from a reliable company, offering skip hire in Newport & surrounding areas.

Are You Lacking Space For A Skip Or Can’t Get A Permit? Not To Worry, Our Wait And Load Skip Hire Services Are Tailored For This Type Of Situation

Do you need waste removal services but can’t get a permit? Don’t worry, that is why we provide wait and load skip hire services. Usually in larger cities and places with little or no space to store a skip outside your property, the local authority will not provide a permit to keep a skip on the road. Our wait and load skip hire services meet the best of both worlds as you do not require a permit and we take your refuse away straight away.

We will book a time slot with you, turn up with a skip on one of our reliable trucks and simply wait until you have loaded all of your refuse, then we take away the waste for recycling straight away. When it comes to providing hassle-free and reliable skip hire in Newport, we are the company you should turn to. Also, if you have garden waste that needs collecting, we can provide a reliable service for garden waste collection in Newport.


Cardiff Skip Hire

Why choose Wait & Load?

  • We can provide business accounts for even easier skip hire solutions
  • Book a time that is good for you and your needs
  • We provide you with a waste transfer note as standard
  • You will only be charged for the amount of waste removal needed
  • Wait and load skip hire does not need a permit and is a much quicker turnaround
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